The latest offering of my images are now on printed on beautiful  and durable 16 x 20 photographic paper.  Rolled and shipped to you in an crushproof tube.


R44.  "Cupid Catches a Mermaid"

R39.  "Baby's First Step "

R38.  "C3PO Scream"

R40.  "Angels Trumpets"

R1.  "Another Groovy Day in Pahoa "

R2.  "Another Sunny Day in Kona"

R3.  "Another Rainy Day in Hilo"

R4.  "Another Paniolo Day in Waimea"

R5.  "Another Lucky Day in Vegas"

R6.  "Ski Mauna Kea"

R7.  "Pineapple Express"

R8.  "Golf  a Volcano"

R9.  "Tiki Bar is Open"

R41. "Deep Sea Fishing Kona"

R35.  "Fish Hawaii"

R37.  "Tropical Arrangement"

R36.  "Discover Kona Coffee"

R42.  "Fissure 8"

R43.  "Aloha Leilani"

R10.  "Golf Hawaii"

R11. "Live, Love, Lanikai"

R12.  "Mermaid's Realm"

R13.  "Mermaid Kiss"

R14.  "Waikiki Rendezvous"

R15.  "Island Mermaid"

R16.  "1942 Harley"

R17.  "Road Trip"

R18. Telegram Girl"

R19.  "Fire Chief Girl"

R20.  "Service Station Girl"

R21.  "1929 Ford Woody"

R23. Koi & Watelilies

R22.  "1934 Packard"

R24. Floral Beach Path

R25."Green Coconuts"

R26. "Gold Coconuts"

R27.  "Kapoho Honu"

R28.  "Plumerias #98"

R29. "Red Hibiscus #18"

R30.  "Yellow Hibiscus #18"

R31.  "Floral Paradise Triptych"

R32.  "Rainforest Paradise Triptych"

R33.  "Koi Pond Paradise Triptych"

R34.  "Singapore Plumerias Triptych"






Kapaa, Hanalei, Honolulu, Lahaina, Wailea, Kona, Hilo

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