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F46.  "Birds of Paradise in Browns"

F47.  "Blue Agave"

F48. "Waterlily at Sunset"


F49.  "Orange Hibiscus #6"

F50.  "Pink Bromeliad"

 F51. "Giant Pink Dahlia"


F52.  "Fancy Orange Hibiscus"

F53. "Fancy Red Hibiscus"

F54.  "Fancy Orange Hibiscus"


F55.  "Fruit  Shells"

F56.  "Full Yellow Hibiscus"

F57. "Giant Bird of Paradise"


F58.  "Guarding the Temple"

F59.  "Honolulu Advertiser"

F60.  "Swimming Honu"


F61.  "Honu"

F62.  "Honu Pair"

F63.  "Aliiolani Hale"


F64.  "Cala Lilies"

F65.  "Anthirium Arrangement"

F66.  "American Eagle"


F67.  "Behind the Shed"

F68.  "Bird of Paradise Gecko"

F69.  "Birds of Paradise"


F70.  "Bird of Paradise #16"

F71.  "Bird of Paradise Diptych part 1"

F72.  "Bird of Paradise Diptych part 2"


F73.  "Crotons"

F74.  "Cut Tropicals #1"

F75.  "Fancy Pink Hibiscus"


F76. "White Gardenias"

F77."Green Anthiriums"

F78.  "Haleakala Nene"


F79.  "Hanging  heliconias #4"

F80.  "Heliconia Arrangement"

F81.  "Honohono Orchids"


F82.  "Hot Pink Hibiscus"

F83.  "White gardenias #4"

F84.  "Fancy Double Pink"

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