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F123. "Island Orchids #2"

F124.  "Iolani Palace"

F85.  "Keiki Hula 1"

F86.  "King Proteas #4"

F87. "Koi #2"

F88. "Orange Hibiscus"

F89.  "Deep Yellow Hibiscus"

F90.  "Pink Cattlyas"

 F91. "Pink Orchids"

F92.  "Pink Gingers"

F93. "Pink Hibiscus"

F94.  "Pink Phaleonopsis"

F95.  "Pink Plumerias"

F96.  "Hot Pink Plumerias"

F97. "Light Pink Plumerias"

F98.  "Pink Poinsettias"

F99.  "Pink Tiger Lilies"

F100.  "Plumerias #25"

F46.  "Bird of Paradise in Browns"

F101.  "Plumerias #48"

F102.  "Plumerias #51"

F103.  "Plumerias #88"

F104.  "Rainbow Plumerias #10"

F105.  "Plumerias #124"

F106. "Plumerias #126"

F107.  "Old Pumping Station"

F108.  "Keiki Hula #5""

F109.  "Lobster Claw Heliconias"

F110.  "Keiki Hula #2"

"F111.  Kamehameha Statue"

F112  "Tropical Collection"

F113.  "Pale Cymbidiums"

F114.  "Peace Roses"

F115.  "Plumerias #122"


F116.  "Pink Roses"

F117.  "Plumerias #26"

F118.  "Plumerias #81"

F119.  "Plumerias #114"

F120.  "Purple Bougainvillias"

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