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P71.  "Lovely Pair of Coconuts" P70.  "Fruit Bowl Girl" P66.  "Waikaloa Girl" P72.  "Hanalei Girl" P110.  "Lei Girl"
P1. "All In" P2.  "Aloha Memories" P3.  "Coconut Girl" P4. "Jungle Girl" P5. "Kenike"
P6. "Lovely Pair of Pineapples"

P7. "Palm Girl"

P8. "Mai Tai Girl"

P9. "Mango Girl"

P10.  "Martini Girl"


P11. "Maui Girl"

P12.  "Pina Colada Girl"

P13.  "Pineapple Girl" P14.  "Plumeria Girl" P15.  "Beach Girl"
P16. "Tropical Itch Girl" P17. "Ukulele Girl" P18.  "Waikiki Girl" P24. "Banana Girl"

P31.  "Tiki Girl"


P32.  "Beach Ball Girl"

P33.  "Blue Hawaii Girl" P34.  "Call to Paradise" P35.  "Dreams of Aloha" P36.  "Grape Girl"
P37.  "Gardenia Girl" P38.  "Hibiscus Girl" P39.  "Incognito Girl" P40.  "Moonlight Swim" P41.  "Orchid Girl"
P42.  "Paddler Girl" P43.  "Polka dot Girl" P44.  "Shave Ice Girl" P45.  "Spring Break 1949" P46.  "Strawberry Margarita Girl"
P47.  "Surfer Girl" P49.  "Who's Your Caddy" P63.  "Firefighter Girl" P64.  "Police Girl" P65.  "Waikaloa Girl"
P24.  "Island Girl" P96.  "Bomgo Girl" P90.  "Hilo Girl" P118.  "Joker Girl" P119.  "Tiki Hula"
    M26  "Patriotic Hula Girl"    
  Palm Girl Mermaids  

P22. "Mermaid Girl"

P19.  "Hawaiian Mermaid" P50.  "Crystal Mermaid" P20.  "Lanikai Mermaid" P69.  "Vintage Mermaid"
P91.  "Mermaid's Realm" P21.  "Maui Mermaid"

P73.  "Island Mermaid"

P51.  "Kona Mermaid" PP83."The Mermaid Kiss"

P108.  "The Three Sisters"

P100.  "Mermaid's Realm"  P101.  "Kua Bay Mermaid"  P113.  "Three Sister in the Ruins"  

Nostalgic Posters

P48.  "Call of the Pacific" P52.  "Come away with me Paradise" P53.  "Greetings from Paradise" P54.  "Magic of the Islands" "P55. "Paradise Calls"
P56. "Taste of Paradise" P57. "This is Hawaii" P28.  "Live, Love Lanikai" P30.  "Ski Mauna Kea" P29.  "Pineapple Express Airlines"

P68.  "The Tiki Bar is Open" P25. "Golf Hawaii" P26.  "Golf a Waterfall on Maui" P27.  "Golf a Volcano" P67.  "Only on the Big Island"
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P114.  "Another Beachy Day in Waikiki" P85.  "Another Rainy Day in Hilo"  P86. "Another Sunny Day in Kona"    P87."Another Groovy Day in Pahoa" P88."Another Paniolo Day in Waimea"
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P98. "Pineapple Princess"

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 P93. "Pineapple Princess"

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P89."Another Lucky Day in Vegas"

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P94. "Wading in the Tidepools"

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P95."Walking in the Rainforest"

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P74.  "Hawaii Awaits"

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 P117. "Leilani"

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P106. "Deep Sea Fishing Kona"

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P99. "Fish Hawaii"

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P107. "Sunlight"

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P122. "Get Lei'd Hawaii" P120. "Tiki Hula Tiki" P115. "Hula Sway" P123. "Discover Waikiki" P125. "Snorkel Hawaii"
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  Motorcycle Legends  
P76.  "Harley Girl" P81.  "Telegraph Girl" P82.  "Gas Station Girl"
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P92. "Road Trip" P84. "Fire Cheif Girl" P111. "Easy Rider"
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  American Legends  
P75.  "Kua Bay" P77.  "Akaka Falls" P78.  "Kaimu Beach" P79.  "Lumahai Beach" P80.  "Norma Jean"
(Ester Williams) (Bettie Page) (Rita Hayworth) (Ava Gardener) (Mariyln Monroe)
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  P116.  "Lanikai Beach" P87.  "Kaanapali Beach"    
  (Audrey Hepburn) (Liz Taylor)    
  original available original available    
    Star Wars    
P102.  "C3PO Scream" P103.  "Baby's First Step" P104.  "Baby Vaca" P105.  "Corona Virus" P109.  "Portriat of Oola"
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    P121.  "Another Sunny Day in       Mos Eisley"    
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Holiday Images

P58.  "Holiday Elf Girl" P59.  "Holiday Gift Girl" P60.  "Holiday Santa Girl" P61. "Holiday Trumpet Girl" P62.  Holiday Ukulele Girl"
P97.  "Holiday Mermaid"

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