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PN4.  "Mokuluas"

PN9.  "Diamondhead"

PN6.  "White Hibiscus"

PN1.  "Black & White Hibiscus"

PN5.  "Tropical Panorama"

PN2.  "Black & White Plumerias"

PN7. "Hawaii Coast Guard"


PN3.  "Panoramic Koi"


PN8.  "USS Missouri & Arizona Memorial"



PN11. "Vertical 

Arrangement #1"

PN14. "Floral Paradise #1 


PN15. "Floral Paradise #2


PN16. "Floral Paradise #3


PN12. "Vertical 

Arrangement #2"

PN17.  "Rainforest paradise

 part 1"

PN18.  "Rainforest paradise 

part 2"

PN19.  "Rainforest paradise

 part 3"

PN26-27.  "Pink Plumerias Diptych"

PN20. "Koi Pond 

Paradise #1 "

PN21. "Koi Pond 

 Paradise #2" 

PN22. "Koi Pond  

Paradise #3"

PN28-29.  "Bird of Paradise Diptych"

 P23. "Nostalgic Palm 

Girls Vert"

PN25.  "Nostalgic Golf 

Palm Girls vert"


PN10.  "Military Girls Panorama"

PN24.  "Palm  Girls Panorama"


 PN30. "Blue & Gold Macaws"


 PN31. "Scarlet Macaws"





Kapaa, Hanalei, Honolulu, Lahaina, Wailea, Kona, Hilo


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