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For over 35 years Garry Palm's watercolors have been enjoyed throughout the Hawaiian islands, making him practically a household name. Already experienced in oils and acrylics, Garry expanded his artistic expertise by capturing the beauty of paradise in watercolor, a rare and difficult task to master. Garry says this of his work:  "As a watercolor artist you must be patient, vigilant and extremely color coordinated.  With watercolors you cannot go back and change the imagery by simply painting over what you have already started, since mistakes or color miscalculations are unforgiving".

Growing up in Minnesota, Garry learned early to appreciate the changing seasons, but summer was always his favorite.  When he and his wife Cynthia came to Hawaii on their Honeymoon in 1985, they knew that the tropical paradise was where they were meant to be.  They moved to Oahu 2 years later.  Even after 36 years, the vibrant colors of the islands have never stopped inspiring him in his paintings. in, they moved to the Big Island of Hawaii to raise their two children, and live there still.

     By visiting you are just a click away from paradise and exploring all of Garry's unique images that will brighten up everyday of your life. Garry’s floral images are considered by many experts and art critics to be unmistakably some of the best in the world.  That’s why Garry and his art creations are special and a true gift to us all. By looking at one of the Garry’s paintings you can feel the vibrant, translucent, almost glowing images leaping from the paper.  The vivid imagination of Garry's work is  his contribution to the world and your visit to paradise is just click away. Enjoy and thank you for your support.





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