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Each Garry Palm Greeting card comes with a self-adhesive envelope and is individually packaged.


$4.50 ea.

  (White Signature does not appear on actual cards)  
GCP88. Another Groovy Day GCP87. Another Sunny Day GCP86. Another Rainy Day GCP89. Another Paniolu Day
GCP93. Another Lucky Day GCP115. Another Beachy Day GCP107. Deep Sea Fishing GCP93. Discover Kona Coffee
GCP124. Discover Waikiki GCP126. Explore Hilo GCP106. Fish Hawaii GCP122. Get Lei'd Hawaii
GCP25. Golf Hawaii GCP26. Golf a Waterfall GCP27. Golf a Volcano GCP131. Golf Waikoloa
GCP74. Hawaii Awaits GCP67. Only on the Big Island GCP29. Pineapple Express GCP30. Ski Mauna Kea
GCP125. Snorkel Hawaii GCP127. Twice the Aloha GCP132. Surf Hawaii GCP133. Waikiki Surfers
GCP135. Aloha from Kona GCP128. Wiki Wiki Air Tours GCP129. road Trip Hawaii GCP134. Hawaii Cruising
GCP130. Hawaiian Honeymoon GCP136. Lanikai Oahu GCP137. Oahu by Air GCP28. Live, Love Lanokai

GCP142. Lahaina Memories

GCP138. Shave Ice!

GCP139. Fly to Hawaii

GCP145. The Mauna Kea Bobsled Team


GCP143. Hawaiian Happy Hour

GCP144. Hawaiian Tiki Time

GCP121. Tiki Hula GCP95. Wading through the Tidepools GCP98. Walking through the Rainforest GCP68. Tiki Bar is Open
GCP117. Leilani GCP130. Waterfall Wahine GCP131. Waterfall Kane GCP116. Hula Sway
  GCP85. Norma Jean GCP131. The last ride  

GCP1. All In

GCP2. Aloha Memories

GCP6. Lovely Pair of Pineapples

      GCP70. Lovely pair of Coconuts
GCP3. Coconut Girl GCP13. Pineapple Girl GCP14. Plumeria Girl GCP9. Mango Girl

GCP24. Tiki Girl

GCP69. Vintage Mermaid

GCP100. King of the Mermen

GCP19. Hawaiian Mermaid GCP73. Island Mermaid GCP101. Kua Bay Mermaid GCP20. Lanikai Mermaid
GCP21. Maui Mermaid GCP22. Mermaid Girl GCP83. Mermaid Kiss GCP91. Mermaid Realm

GCP141. Beta Mermaid

GCP80. Kaanapali Beach

GCP77. Kaimu Beach

GCP75. Kua Bay

GCP76. Akaka Falls GCP78. Akaka Falls GCP79. Lumihai Beach GCP140. Miriam Mermaid
GCP80. Harley Girl GCP82. Fire Station Girl GCP81. Service Station Girl GCP90. Road Trip Girl
  GCP72. Telegram Girl GCP110. Easy Rider  
  Greeting Card Boxed Sets  
  Boxed Set of 6 different cards w/envelopes  
  $25.00 bx.  
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