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    P76.  "Harley Girl"    

M1.  "Army Girl"

M2.  "Army Girl"

M3.  "Coast Guard Girl"

M4.  "Marine Girl"

M5.  "Navy Girl"

     M8.  "Move Over Boys -Navy"eoys - Navy"

    M9.  "Move Over Boys -Army" Over Boys - Army"

    M23.  "Move Over Boys -Air Force" Ove

M6.  "Waikiki Wahine"


M7.  "The Center of Attention"

M15.  "P51 Mustang"

M18.  "P40 Warhawk"

M16.  "P38 Lightning"

M17.  "F4 Corsairs over Hickam"

M19.  "Too Close for Comfort"

M10.  "Flies Spread Desease"

M13.  "Kiowas at Kolrkole Pass"

M11.  "Blackhawks Makua Valley"l"

M12.  "Chinooks on Waianae Range"

M21. "Cathay Williams - 1868"


M22. "USS Missouri - Rainbow"




PN10.  "Military Girls"


PN32.  "Move Over Boys triptych"


M20.  "Cathay Williams 1866"




Kapaa, Hanalei, Honolulu, Lahaina, Wailea, Kona, Hilo

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