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F150. "Red Gingers"

F151.  "Return to Aloha #2"

F125.  "Fancy Pink Hibiscus"

F126.  "Sunflowers #2"

F127. "Yellow Ginger"

F128. "Waterlilies #2"

F129.  "White Catleyas"

F130.  "Yellow Hibiscus #7"

 F131. "Yellow Hibiscus #17"

F132.  "Pink & Yellow Hibiscus"

F156. "Plumerias #120"

F152. "Pink Cynbidium lava rock"

F153. "Crotons #3"

F154. "Rainbow Plumerias #108"

F155. "Pink Rose"

F133.  "Plumerias #70"

F148. "Agapanthus"

F160.  "Plumerias #127"

F121. "Rainbow Plumerias #121"

F122. "Red Ginger"

F159.  "Orange Hibiscus #5"



F135.  "Plumerias #93"

"F136.  "Roses on Koa Table"

F137.  "Shell Gingers"

F138.  "Tahitian Dancer"

F139.  "Statue of St. Paul"

F140.  "Torch Gingers"


F141.  "Wailea Sky Flowers"

F142.  "Ti Leaves"

F143.  "White Ginger #12"

F144.  "White Ginger #11"

F145.  "Yellow Hibiscus #21"

F146. "Young Coconuts"

F147. "Yellow Hibiscus #11"

F149.  "Red Heliconias"

F157.  "Bird of Paradise Molokini"


F134.  "Red Hibiscus #18"


F158.  "Red Orchids"

F161.  "Bird of Paradise #23"

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Kapaa, Hanalei, Honolulu, Lahaina, Wailea, Kona, Hilo

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